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Public Works & Neighborhood Beautification Committee Meeting — July 2017

Download Agenda (PDF)

1. Call to Order.  Roll Call.

2. Public Comments on Non-agenda items.

3. Comments from the Chair on Committee/Project Status.


  1. Safe Sidewalks LA – Presentation by Gayle Greenberg (15 mins)
  1. Recap June 3rd Tree Adoption Event at Barnsdall Park (15 mins)
    1. Highlights and Lessons Learned
    1. Lookahead to Next Time
  1. Neighborhood Utility Pole Cleanup (10 mins)
    1. Gauge interest from committee members
  1. Rodney Drive Sidewalk Planters (10 mins)
    1. Review renderings and discuss options
  1. Next BIG Sunday Cleanup Collaboration with LFVBID & LFIA  (15 mins)
    1. Schedule tentative date for next event
    1. Ideas for improvement
  1. Vermont Triangle Enhancement – Outreach & Survey/Interview effort (15 mins)
    1. Discuss survey results and plan for analysis

5. MOTION: Approve previous PW&NB meeting minutes from 5/25/17 availble for download here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2WrtFMtWmlTTVl6UU9tYUY1VEE.

6. Other comments and announcements.

7. Adjourn.

Transportation and Mobility Committee – October 2016

Transportation & Mobility October 2016 Meeting Agenda PDF

  1. Call to Order. Roll Call.
  2. Pubic Comments on Non-Agenda Items
  3. Discussion and Possible Action On:
    1. Great Streets Application – Hollywood Blvd. between Vermont and Hillhurst Avenues.
    2. King Middle School Safety
    3. Ben Lomond Pl. Street Safety
    4. Rodney Dr. and Hollywood Crosswalk
    5. Vermont Triangle Redesign
    6. Intersection of Vermont/Russell Crosswalk Safety
  4. Approval Previous Meeting’s Minutes.
  5. Adjourn

Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting – September 2016

Download the Complete Agenda and Supplementary PacketLFNC T&M Committee Agenda and Packet September 2016

  1. Call to Order. Roll Call.
  2. Pubic Comments on Non-Agenda Items
  3. Committee Announcements:
    1. LACBC’s Family Fun Ride
  4. Discussion and Possible Action On:
    1. Update on intersection of Mariposa and Alexandria
    2. DASH Bus Routes – Los Feliz, Observatory, Hollywood
    3. Vermont Triangle Redesign
    4. Traffic Safety concerns at major intersections along Los Feliz Blvd. with bus benches
    5. Pedestrian Safety along Hollywood between Normandie and Western
    6. Mobility Plan 2035 and Vermont, Hillhurst, Hollywood, Franklin, and Los Feliz Blvd
  5. Adjourn