Los Feliz Neighborhood Council

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Environmental Affairs Committee Meeting – January 2018

-Click Here For Full Agenda-

  1.  Call to Order. Roll Call. (1 minute)
  2.  Public comment (5 mins)
  3.  Comments from committee (5 mins)
  4.  DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION:  Limited straw usage in restaurants in Los Feliz (20 mins)
  5.  DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION:  Backyard Citrus Fruit Pick/Food Waste Grant Challenge (20 mins)
  6. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION:   Urban Walks (20 mins)
  7. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION:   Broken Cities game (20 mins)
  8. Approval of minutes (1 min)
  9. Adjourn

Environmental Affairs Committee Meeting – October 2017

-Click Here For Full Agenda-

  1.  Call to Order.  Roll Call.
  2.  Public comment on non-agenda items.
  3. Comments by elected officials and staff.
  4. Discussion of outcome of P22 Day event.
  5. Discussion and possible action on Clean Streets Challenge.

A.  Instruction on proper usage of the MyLA311app.

B.  Identification of area in Los Feliz that Ryu’s Green Team should be assigned to.

C. Graffiti removal areas.

6. Approval of minutes.

7. Adjourn.