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Public Works and Neighborhood Beautification Committee – January 2018

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  1. Call to order & Roll call
  1. Public comment on non-agenda items
  1. Comments by elected officials and staff
  1. Approval of previous meeting minutes – 11/21/17

(Available at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1I2wc69Pr4AeWG6gvdtlG778FX812KOiK)

  1. Partnership Opportunity with Thai Town CDC – Jonathan Ayon (20 mins)

A.  Status of vandalized trees on Hollywood Blvd.

B.  Collaboration on Cal Releaf Grant for tree adoption

  1. Planning for 2018 Free Tree Giveaway event (20 mins)

A.  Event Promotion: LFNC social media and in-person outreach

B.  Early stage planning

C.  Interface with LFNC elections in May?

  1. Phone Utility Box Art (10 mins)

A.  Follow up and status – Outreach committee

  1. Proposed pop-up Parklet at Hillhurst/Clarissa (10 mins)

A.  Collaboration with Transportation committee

  1. General comments and announcements from committee members
  2. Adjourn

Thai Town Marketplace Pop up Demonstration Event

On September 23rd at Thailand Plaza from 9am to 1pm, Thai Community Development Center and the community will be demonstrating different street amenities that showcase the potential Hollywood Boulevard in Thai Town has to become a “Great Street” —  a street that is safe, viable, walkable, and a fun place to shop, eat, and play, but also; a place where you can learn about Thai culture.

The Thai Community Development Corporation won Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s 2016 Great Streets Challenge, which funded community outreach efforts towards creating a vision for the future of Thai Town. Join the conversation and give your input on the positive changes you want to see come to Thai Town in the near future.

Activities include:

* Business Activation

* Public Art

* Outdoor Seating

* Activation of Public Gathering Space

* Public and Pedestrian Safety Enhancements

* Virtual Reality Demonstrations and much more!