Los Feliz Neighborhood Council

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Recreation Committee Meeting – December 2016

1. Call to Order. Roll Call.

2. Public Comments on Non-agenda items.

3. Reports/Presentations by public officials.

4. Comments from the Chair on Committee/Project Status.

A. ‘Griffith Park Yards’ Baseball Field Construction.

B. T.S. King Middle School

i. Gymnasium scoreboard installation.

ii. Field lighting / Campus improvement initiatives (Turf field).

C. Silver Lake Recreation Center

i.Upcoming programs and new projects.

ii. Lasorda Field open access.

D. L.A. County “We All Need Parks” voter approved project funding for Los Feliz area.

5. INTRODUCTIONS / PRESENTATIONS: Various representatives of local organizations to update on programs, facility access, anticipated needs, etc.

6. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION: Potential for playground / pocket park installation in Los Feliz area.

7. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION: Vehicular hazards at soccer facilities (Ferraro & Riverside) entry and egress points after recent facility renovations/upgrades.

8. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION: Review and analysis of L.A. County’s needs assessment survey findings for Los Feliz as compared to other Los Angeles neighborhoods.

9. MOTION: Approval of previous meeting minutes.

10. Other comments or announcements.

11. Adjourn.


Click here to view, download or print actual agenda/packet for this meeting.