Los Feliz Neighborhood Council

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Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting — May 2017

Download Agenda (PDF)

  1. Call to Order. Roll Call.
  2. Committee Chair’s Comments.
  3. Pubic Comments on Non-Agenda Items.
  4. Metro Bike Share Presentation. (LADOT/Metro)
  5. Environmental Affairs Committee Bike Workshop. (Matlock)
  6. Discussion and Possible Action On:
    1. Street Safety at Fern Dell and Western Ave.
    2. Request to Metro for Sheriff for Preventative Patrolling.
  7. Updates/Discussion/Possible Action on Previous Committee Actions
    1. Ad Hoc Committee on Sunset Dr. at Vista Intersection Pilot Plaza.
    2. Ad Hoc Committee on Franklin & Western Traffic & Parking.
    3. Greek Theatre Traffic & Parking. (Deutsch)
    4. King Middle School Safety.
    5. Vision Zero Action Plan.
  8. Approval Previous Meeting’s Minutes.
  9. Adjourn