Los Feliz Neighborhood Council

How Do I Get a Streetlight Installed?

In general, property owners who will benefit from electrolier streetlights pay for the construction of new street lighting. In addition, benefiting property owners are responsible for cost of operation and maintenance collected annually on the County tax bill.

Until the mid-1950’s, the City did not require developers of housing, commercial and industrial property to install street lighting. So in the older areas of the City, most streets do not have streetlights, unless the developer voluntarily installed them, or a neighborhood group or their Council Office started a project to install them at the property owner’s expense.

Only those who have street lighting pay for it. Maintenance costs are assessed annually. This is not paid for from the basic property taxes or other taxes. New assessments require a vote of the property owners in compliance with Proposition 218, now part of the California Constitution.

Please find three documents below to help with getting a streetlight installed on your street: