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The Los Feliz Hills, aka ‘District A,” is almost an entirely residential area…  Except that its boundaries also contain most of Griffith Park.  When locals proudly refer to the park as “our backyard,” it’s because, well, it is.  As far as urban aesthetics go, Los Feliz Hills is one lovely stretch of real estate, especially after it rains!Ennis House

There’s little doubt the hills are home to many of Los Feliz’s wealthiest residents with magnificent homes and significant mansions (not of the “Mc” variety) with some of the most stunning views in all Los Angeles.  Architecturally, Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Ennis House” is either down the street or around the bend from a John Lautner or a Paul Williams.  And yes, lots of luminaries (including a movie star or two) do live in the Los Feliz Hills.  Because.

Those hills (and the homes built on them) serve as a scenic backdrop that frames our neighborhood, yet unlike other hilly areas in the city, the view isn’t marred by big billboards or skyscrapers acting as bigger billboards.Los Feliz Boulevard - Deodars

Los Feliz Boulevard is the baseline where the hill’s “start.”  And the Boulevard is lined with trees, hundreds of cultivated Deodar Cedars that create one of the most recognizable drives in the city.


Destination: Griffith Park –  With the Observatory, Hiking Trails, and the Greek Theatre…  Plus public golf courses and tennis courts, people love going “up” into the park, and for many that means driving through Los Feliz Hills, where the vehicle traffic can become either way too fast or way too heavy.  Greek Theatre concerts echo throughout the hills and needs continually monitoring to “keep the peace.”  Park denizens–like coyotes and cougars (and racoons and skunks)– have been known to forage on the District A’s side streets

Aging Streets, Municipal Services –  The winding concrete streets in The Hills are not immune to cracks and potholes, and concrete is expensive to replace when done “right.”  There’s an asphalt alternative that many say is “not so right” and shouldn’t be done.  Additionally, the vintage street lights that dot the area are older and much more complicated to repair.   Working with the city to help prioritize which streets need the most attention is an ongoing effort.Moreton Bay Fig Trees

Public Safety, Police & Fire –  Nice houses make nice targets for thieves and burglars, and with the advent of easy to obtain technology, older alarm systems are vulnerable, and winding roads often obscure one home from another.  Abutting Griffith Park makes brush fire a real and present danger; 817 acres burned in the 2007 wildfire, and most of the District’s residents were ordered to evacuate by LAFD.


Candidates interested in representing District A must be at least 18 years of age and live or own real property within the district’s boundaries. District Representatives serve four-year terms but are required to lay down their office should they no longer meet the qualifications (e.g., move away) under which they were initially elected.

Optimal candidates will have a good working knowledge of municipal issues affecting their area, plus Los Feliz in general. Additionally, one should possess keen reasoning ability, sharp analytical skills, and practical wisdom in evaluating situations that aren’t “black & white.”


Council Boardmembers put in a lot of work and are expected to chair a committee or drive a major initiative. They need to be quick on the uptake and able to engage in reasoned debate. Most importantly, they are expected to lead. For the “opportunity” to give up their personal time and efforts, they also have to be elected by the people, for the people (and that’s why they can expend tax $).

There is no pay. However, Council Boardmembers spearhead efforts to continually improve the community and tend to derive satisfaction out of accomplishment. It’s no accident Los Feliz is widely considered one of the best neighborhoods in L.A. (and that’s from people who don’t live here!).


If this civic adventure sounds like your kind of thing and you meet the election criteria described above, click on one of the options below…

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