Los Feliz Neighborhood Council

Elections – District D Candidate Info



District D is home to some rolling foothills, aka ‘The Knolls’ (south of “the boulevard”) with winding side streets bounded by some major roadways like Los Feliz Boulevard, Hyperion Avenue, Riverside Drive and the 5 Freeway.  But to the district’s residents, Rowena is backroad that ends up being a part of most people’s ride home.

Franklin Avenue Elementary School, John Marshall High School and St. Casimir Catholic Elementary School, plus a University (of Philosophical Research) all occupy the district.

“D” has three signature water features:  The Rowena Resevoir, The Mulholland Fountain and the Municipal “Plunge” swimming pool near the public tennis courts and soccer fields off Riverside Drive.  Nestled along the west bank of the L.A. River lies Sunnynook Park, which is only accessible by a footbridge over the freeway.  Up on Waverly Drive, there’s a castle-like convent/retreat that has fascinated religious pilgrims and pop stars alike.  With a mixture of private homes and multi-unit dwellings, District D is as diverse architecturally as it is geographically.

Along Hyperion Avenue’s west side runs District D’s commercial corridor that includes Gelson’s Market, Mixto Comida Latina, and arguably the best little DIY store on the planet: Baller True Value Hardware; the one with the groovy Shepard Fairy mural across the street.

Silent film star, Norma Talmadge (the one with the street named after her) built her estate on one of the knolls (Cedarhurst Circle) in District D.


Bypass Traffic and Pedestrian Safety – When Los Feliz Boulevard turns into a veritable parking lot, drivers are on the lookout for any shortcut that can cut time off their commute.  Usually moving way faster than they ought to be, they find the Rowena-Avocado bypass (or the ‘Waze’ app finds it for them); the 4-way Griffith Park Boulevard/Rowena Avenue intersection has been described as “treacherous.”

The Rowena Reservoir – It’s been suggested this lovely oasis built on land owned by LADWP could be turned into a community dog park or public garden.  Should it?

Franklin Hills Expansion – Petition signatures have been gathered urging city officials to officially move the boundaries of the adjacent Franklin Hills area to subsume the Holly Knoll – Myra ‘Loop’.  Residents in the affected area are divided over whether this plan makes sense or not?


Candidates interested in representing District D must be at least 18 years of age and live or own real property within the district’s boundaries. District Representatives serve four-year terms but are required to lay down their office should they no longer meet the qualifications (e.g., move away) under which they were initially elected.

Optimal candidates will have a good working knowledge of municipal issues affecting their area, plus Los Feliz in general. Additionally, one should possess keen reasoning ability, sharp analytical skills, and practical wisdom in evaluating situations that aren’t “black & white.”


Council Boardmembers put in a lot of work and are expected to chair a committee or drive a major initiative. They need to be quick on the uptake and able to engage in reasoned debate. Most importantly, they are expected to lead. For the “opportunity” to give up their personal time and efforts, they also have to be elected by the people, for the people (and that’s why they can expend tax $).

There is no pay. However, Council Boardmembers spearhead efforts to continually improve the community and tend to derive satisfaction out of accomplishment. It’s no accident Los Feliz is widely considered one of the best neighborhoods in L.A. (and that’s from people who don’t live here!).


If this civic adventure sounds like your kind of thing and you meet the election criteria described above, click on one of the options below…

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