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“Franklin runs through it.”

With an exclusive gated community, Laughlin Park, in one corner and Thai Town North at another, our District B is an eclectic mix of businesses and residences and cultures.  It’s the northernmost point of a very, very long Los Angeles thoroughfare, Western Avenue, that runs all the way south to Long Beach.  Western Avenue, appropriately enough, serves as our Western border delineating Los Feliz from Hollywood.Los Feliz Architecture

District B is Los Feliz’s melting pot.  With Armenian, Thai and Korean enclaves (amongst others) within it, it’s also home to schools and churches and associations serving these very distinct communities, including a Buddhist temple.  Ethnic “mom & pop” shops dot Hollywood Boulevard, and many of the families that run them live nearby.Thailand Plaza

With a majority of the District’s buildings being built in the “roaring” 20’s,” this area became an affordable option for newcomers to L.A. (read: Hollywood) with a large concentration of multi-unit buildings and garden apartment complexes.  Today, single-family homes whose families have been in them for decades, occupy the same blocks where large apartment buildings see new tenants moving in and out each month.


Business Corridor Development – Hollywood Boulevard, which is essentially District B’s entire southern boundary is within the Vermont-Western Station Neighborhood Plan (or ‘SNAP’).  SNAP relaxes building codes near Metro stations to where structures can be built higher and with more “density” than in other city areas.  How the scale of any new construction development may impact the aesthetic character of Los Feliz is an ongoing concern for many.Horton Hall

Business and Residential Zoning – With a combination of both homes and businesses in Los Feliz, District B sees many zoning change and business permitting applications being brought before the Council for review and recommendation of approval.  The Department of City Planning specifically instructs business owners, builders, developers and license applicants to have the neighborhood council review their plans as part of the overall City approval process.

Residential Parking Crunch – In the 1920’s, when most of the District’s residential buildings (single-family and multi-unit) were built, L.A. had a built-out transit system, and automobile ownership was considered a luxury.  Thus, the building codes here did not require minimum assigned parking spaces as they do today. Even with the Western and Vermont Metro stations at either end of District B, access to adequate residential parking is ongoing issue.Trianon Apartments


Candidates interested in representing District E must be at least 18 years of age and live or own real property within the district’s boundaries. District Representatives serve four-year terms but are required to lay down their office should they no longer meet the qualifications (e.g., move away) under which they were initially elected.

Optimal candidates will have a good working knowledge of municipal issues affecting their area, plus Los Feliz in general. Additionally, one should possess keen reasoning ability, sharp analytical skills, and practical wisdom in evaluating situations that aren’t “black & white.”


Council Boardmembers put in a lot of work and are expected to chair a committee or drive a major initiative. They need to be quick on the uptake and able to engage in reasoned debate. Most importantly, they are expected to lead. For the “opportunity” to give up their personal time and efforts, they also have to be elected by the people, for the people (and that’s why they can expend tax $).

There is no pay. However, Council Boardmembers spearhead efforts to continually improve the community and tend to derive satisfaction out of accomplishment. It’s no accident Los Feliz is widely considered one of the best neighborhoods in L.A. (and that’s from people who don’t live here!).


If this civic adventure sounds like your kind of thing and you meet the election criteria described above, click on one of the options below…


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