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Planning, Zoning, and Historic Preservation Committee Meeting August 2016

August 3, 2016 @ 7:30 pm

PZHP Agenda August 2016 (PDF)
PZHP Agenda Packet August 2016 (PDF)


1. Call to Order.  Roll Call.

2. Public Comments on Non-agenda items.

3. Discussion and possible action on the following proposed projects:

A. 3143-3145 N. Ettrick St. LA 90027 –ZA-2016-2453

Applicant requests a zone change variance to allow a 3rd dwelling unit on a legal non-conforming R1-1 lot with an existing duplex for a total floor area of 3,349 s.f. in lieu of the 3,238.5 s.f. permitted in the R1-1 zone with zero parking for the proposed new dwelling unit to be replaced with bicycle parking and for a reduced side yard of 0 ft in lieu of the 5 ft and reduce rear yard of 10 feet in lieu of 15 feet required.

B. 1860-1868 N. Western Ave., 5440-5448 W. Franklin Ave. CPC-2016-1954-CU-MCUP-DB

Applicant proposes to construct an approximately 101,916 square foot five story mixed use project including 96 residential units and approximately 5,546 square feet of ground floor commercial space and 123 parking spaces 105 residential parking and 18 retail and guest parking spaces and 54 bicycle parking stalls.

The project site is zoned C$-1D and R3-1 and is also located in Subarea A and B of the Vermont/Western SNAP, the maximum permitted density for the project site is 52 units. The applicant proposes to set aside 30% of the base density units as “Very Low Income” restricted affordable housing.  The applicant requests a density increase of up to 83% to achieve a total of 96 units.  The unit breakdown consists of 28 studios, 48 one bedroom units and 20 two bedroom units.

The applicant requests:

1.- Approval of Vesting Tentative Tract Map No 74169 to merge and re-subdivide the site into a single ground lot to facilitate the construction of the project. To merge of 7 feet of previously dedicated land along Franklin Ave. back into the project site and approval of specific plan project permit compliance review.

2.- A conditional use permit to increase density greater than the maximum allowed by LAMC section 12.22.A.25. a density bonus increase of approximately 83% over the entire project site in order to permit 96 dwelling units in lieu of the 52 units otherwise permitted with proposed 30% of units for very low income households.

3A.- Requests a 3:1 floor area ratio (FAR) over the entire project site in lieu of the permitted 1:1 FAR in C4-1D

Portion of Subarea A, 2:1 FAR for residential uses in Subarea B.

3B.- Requests averaging floor area ratio, density, open space and parking for C4-1D and R3-1 zones and subareas A and B.

3C.- A waiver of Section 7.D of Vermont/Western SNAP to permit a maximum building height of 60 feet in lieu of required maximum building height of 43.9 feet in Subarea A and 50 feet for mixed used within Subarea B.

3D.- A waiver of Section 7A and B of the Vermont/Western SNAP to allow a maximum of 5 lots, both residentially and commercially zoned, having a combined lot area of 38,139 square feet to be tied together to form a single building site.

3E.- A waiver of Section V.6 of Vermont/Western SNAP development standards and design guidelines to permit a portion of the building located in Subarea B to exceed more than 30 feet in height with 15 feet of the front property line.

4.- A master Conditional Use Permit to allow the sale and/or dispensing of alcoholic beverages for on-site and off-site consumption.

4. Other Comments, Announcements and Reports.

  1. Citywide sign Ordinance update (Spicer and Kerr)
  2. Projects notificaiton process (Spicer)

5. Adjourn.

View Agendas and Minutes of the Planning and Land Use Management Committee


August 3, 2016
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm


Gary Khanjian
(213) 973-9758


Los Feliz Civic Center
1965 Hillhurst Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027 United States
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