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Governing Board Meeting — June 2017

June 20, 2017 @ 7:30 pm

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Download Agenda (PDF)
Download Agenda with Supplementary Packet (17.6MB PDF)

  1. CALL TO ORDER. ROLL CALL. (1 minute)
  2. Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items (5 minutes)
  3. Comments by Elected Officials and City Departments (5 minutes)
  4. Executive Committee Comments
    1. President (10 minutes)
      1. Selection of new Budget Advocate
    2. Vice President, Communications (10 minutes)
    3. Secretary (5 minutes)
  5. Election of Executive Committee Members
    1. Vice President, Administration (5 minutes)
    2. Treasurer (5 minutes)
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Planning, Zoning, Historic Preservation (PZHP) (Cornelius) (2 minutes)
    2. Public Works and Neighborhood Beautification (Luery) (2 minutes)
    3. Environmental Affairs (Foell) (2 minutes)
    4. Cultural Affairs (DiGiandomenico) (2 minutes)
    5. Public Safety (Hain) (2 minutes)
    6. Transportation and Mobility (Cohen) (2 minutes)
    7. Recreation (Mauceri) (2 minutes)
    8. Outreach (McNamara) (2 minutes)
    9. Business (Carlson) (2 minutes)
    10. Education (Rodriguez) (2 minutes)
    11. Ad Hoc Committee on Hillhurst Ave (Ballard) (2 minutes)
    12. Ad Hoc Committee on Homelessness (Kim) (5 minutes)
      1. LAHSA Homeless Count
      2. SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition
    13. Budget Representatives (Rodriguez/Foell) (2 minutes)
    14. Webmaster (Cohen) (2 minutes)
  7. Budget & Finance Motions (Demmers)
    1. MOTION: Approve the May 2017 Monthly Expenditure Report (MER) (2 minutes)
      (Board Packet)
    2. MOTION: Approve the following individual expenditures by board vote count (5 minutes)

      Payee Amount Purpose
      Los Angeles City Publishing Services $188.70 Business Cards
      Big Mama’s Pizza $155.45 Food Special Meeting
      Copy Cat $767.40 End of Year Printing
      Los Angeles CBC $1000.00 Cosponsor workshop
      Copy Cat $161.44 Meeting printed materials
      Facebook $49.99 Boosts
      Big Mama $155.45 Food for May Meeting
      Founders MCC $150.00 June 6 Special Meeting Location
      Facebook $72.00 Boosts
      Facebook $13.67 Boosts
      Total $2714.10  


    1. MOTION: Approve a lease agreement with the Founders Metropolitan Community
      Church for $300/month, or $3,600 for the year, from July 2017 through June 2018, for the following space rental needs: twice monthly meeting space and storage space. (10 minutes)
    2. MOTION: Amend the FY17 Budget (10 minutes)
    3. MOTION: Approve the FY18 Strategic Plan and Budget, subject to future amendment (10 minutes)
  1. New Business
    1. Planning, Zoning, & Historic Preservation Committee (PZHP) (5 minutes)

      1. AA-2016-4818, ENV-2016-4819-EAF
        4011-4013 Sunset Dr
        MOTION: Approve a letter of conditional support for the requested small lot subdivision to construct 4 small lot homes, to replace an existing 3-unit residential building and garage on the site. (continued from May 2016 Board meeting) (Board Packet)
    2. Community Impact Statements
      1. MOTION: Approve a Community Impact Statement (CIS) in support of  Council File 14-0268-S8 (“Relocation Assistance/Rent Stabilization Ordinance/Municipal Code Loophole Closure”) as follows: (10 minutes)
        “In the ongoing attempts to address the growing housing crisis throughout the State of California, and the County and City of Los Angeles, the City should take additional initiatives to address not only mitigations and remedies in the form of density bonuses, but also the root causes and effects of the “Affordable Housing Crisis,” which is inextricably linked to our “Homeless Crisis.” Any statute mechanisms that allow existing housing units covered under the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) to be removed from existing housing stock and converted into market‐rate housing (whether as rentals, condominiums or owned homes) exacerbates these crises.

        Tenants relocated by various ordinances through “no fault of their own” should be afforded financial assistance to help with the impact, both financial and emotional, a forced relocation can bring about. Any procedural “loopholes” that exist allowing landlords to skirt relocation payments should be closed to assist those displaced to the same extent as others put into similar circumstances.”
        (Mauceri) (Board Packet)

      2. MOTION: Approve a Community Impact Statement (CIS) in support of  Council File 17-0203 (“Tracking Affordable Housing Units in Los Angeles City”) as follows: (10 minutes)
        “Gathering accurate data and statistics from reliable sources and having them quantified in a timely manner is an invaluable resource in any factually informed decision making process.

        The “Affordable Housing Crisis”, whether on the State, County or City level has now become regular component of our civic discourse, and the timely tracking of the quarterly and annual “net gains/losses” in housing units covered by Affordable Housing Covenants or under the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) affecting very‐low, low, moderate, and workforce income tenants will be a key factor in determining whether various initiatives to mitigate the now steady decline in affordable housing are effective.

        Requiring the Housing and Community Investment Department (HCID) and the Los Angeles City Planning Department to track this activity and create a “public dashboard” to publish this information will help us better understand the efficacy of legislative efforts to combat the decline in affordable housing.”
        (Mauceri) (Board Packet)

      3. MOTION: Approve a Community Impact Statement (CIS) in support of  Council File 17-0002-S72 (“Ellis Act Amendment”) as follows: (10 minutes)
        “We support adopting the resolution calling for the City of Los Angeles to add to its 2017-2018 legislative program priorities initiatives to curtail the unintended and detrimental effects of Government Code Section 7060 et seq. (the Ellis Act), which “allows landlords to terminate tenancies in rent-controlled jurisdictions without cause in order to withdraw property from the residential rental market.” We concur with the resolution stating “thousands” of rent-controlled units have been removed from the existing housing stock by rental category conversion or outright demolition.

        In fact, according to the Coalition for Economic Survival (CES), who collate the actual Ellis Act Declarations To Evict public filings, over 21,000 Los Angeles units protected by the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) have been lost since the passage of this California State statute.

        In 2016, developers converted over 1600 RSO units, and in 2017 alone, at least three RSO per day have begun the process for conversion from RSO to market-rate units. With the new market-rate rental cost of the converted or rebuilt units skyrocketing over their previous rates, the displaced tenants are forced by economic realities to seek affordable housing elsewhere, or as cited in the resolution, “risk becoming homeless.”

        Promulgating local initiatives that seek several severable Ellis Act amendments will help combat our “Affordable Housing Crisis” by instituting stricter standards that can help thwart those developers who exploit the Ellis Act’s original intent into a mechanism that has been systematically used to eliminate affordable housing from the market.”

        (Mauceri) (Board Packet)

      4. MOTION: Approve a Community Impact Statement (CIS) in opposition to  Council File 14-1635-S2 (“Short-Term Rentals / Preparation of Ordinance / Home Sharing Ordinance”) as follows:(10 minutes)
        “The LFNC opposes Council File 14-1635-S2 (the proposed Home Sharing Ordinance) as it is currently written. We oppose the proposed ordinance’s limit on number of days a private homeowner may share their primary place of residence or an accessory dwelling on the same property. Furthermore, we support a full ban on ‘sharing’ of any residence, multi-family or otherwise, that is not the owner’s primary place of residence. Such types of sharing constitute a full business operation and should be licensed, regulated, and relegated to commercially zoned areas as such.”
        (Cohen) (Board Packet)
      5. MOTION: Approve a Community Impact Statement (CIS) in support of  Council File 17-0002-S88 (“Divestment of Turkish Government Investments”) as follows: (10 minutes)
        “The LFNC proudly represents over 36,000 resident Angelinos of every background, including stakeholders of Armenian decent.  The LFNC’s boundaries include parts of Little Armenia, Armenian Genocide Memorial Square, and a section of Hollywood Boulevard that is host to the annual “March for Justice” on April 24th. Though the State of California has officially recognized the Armenian Genocide for years, the government of the Republic of Turkey refuses to acknowledge the facts of this terrible crime and continues to engage in acts designed to effect Armenian cultural erasure – including criminalizing any reference to the massacre and deportation of Armenians between 1915 and 1924 as genocide.

        Furthermore, recent acts by the Turkish government have created an investment environment unsuited to the pension funds of the public employees of the State of California. These acts include the detention or arrest of over 100,000 civilians in an attempt to stifle public descent, support for an escalating degree of extremism, and outrageous acts of violence committed by Turkish government security personnel against American citizens peacefully protesting on American soil. Council File 17-0002-S88 would express the City’s support for AB 1597, which would prohibit any future investment by the State’s public pension funds in any investment vehicle controlled by the government of the Republic of Turkey. AB 1497 would also mandate the divestment by the pension funds of any such investments currently held in the case of federal sanctions against the Republic of Turkey.

        In the interests of historical truth, the dignity of all peoples, and respect for democracy and the right of political dissent, the LFNC supports council file 17-0002-S88.”
        (Deutsch) (Board Packet)

      6. MOTION: Approve a Community Impact Statement in support of  Council Files 17-0002-S12 (“SB 54 (De Leon) / Prohibiting Law Enforcement from Using Resources for Immigration Enforcement”), 17-0073 (“HR 83 (Barletta) / Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act”), 16-1320 (“Immigrant Advocate / Definition of Sanctuary City / Federal Position on Non-Citizens”), and 17-0109 (“Definition of Sanctuary Cities”). (15 minutes)
        Draft CIS language provided in the Board Packet. (McNamara)
    3. Other Items 
      1. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION: Neighborhood Council elections  in 2018 and/or 2019; short-term impact to terms of office for LFNC elected board member positions. (Kim) (Board Packet) (15 minutes)
      2. MOTION: Approve a letter to City Clerk, DONE and CouncilmembersRyu and O’Farrell regarding City funding and oversight concerns. (Klipp)  (10 minutes)
  1. MOTION: Approve the May 23, 2017 Governing Board Special Meeting Minutes available via the Neighborhood Council Google Drive here :  (2 minutes) https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B8EUAEKXO4HBOUNGQXhRc3NBZk0 
  2. MOTION: Approve the June 6, 2017 Governing Board Special Meeting Minutes available via the Neighborhood Council Google Drive here:  (2 minutes) https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B8EUAEKXO4HBOUNGQXhRc3NBZk0
  3. MOTION: Approve the May 16, 2017 Governing Board Meeting minutes Minutes available via the Neighborhood Council Google Drive here: (2 minutes) https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B8EUAEKXO4HBOUNGQXhRc3NBZk0
  4. Governing Board Member Announcements and Comments (5 minutes)
  5. MOTION: Adjourn

Next Board Meeting: Tuesday, July 18, 2017, at 7:30PM

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June 20, 2017
7:30 pm - 11:30 pm
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