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Governing Board Meeting — April 2017

April 18, 2017 @ 7:30 pm

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  1. CALL TO ORDER. ROLL CALL. (1 minute)
  2. MOTION: To reconsider the following motion from the immediately preceding LFNC Governing Board meeting of Tuesday, March 21, 2017: Approve a letter of conditional support of the requested application with conditions to be determined by the Governing Board.  (10 minutes)
    — Motion to reconsider may only be made by a member of the prevailing side.
    If approved, Los Feliz Neighborhood Council (LFNC) Governing Board shall reconsider original motion as agendized (above) and contemplate any new or relevant information not previously available.
  3. Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items (5 minutes)
  4. Comments by Elected Officials (5 minutes)
  5. Executive Committee Comments
    1. President (10 minutes)
    2. Vice President, Administration (5 minutes)
    3. Vice President, Communications (5 minutes)
    4. Treasurer (5 minutes)
    5. Secretary (5 minutes)
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Planning, Zoning, Historic Preservation (PZHP) (Cornelius) (5 minutes)
      1. Vermont/Western Station Neighborhood Area Specific Plan report or guide under development for evaluation of new projects and zoning applications
    2. Public Works (Luery) (2 minutes)
    3. Cultural Affairs (DiGiandomenico) (2 minutes)
    4. Recreation (Mauceri) (2 minutes)
    5. Transportation (Cohen) (2 minutes)
    6. Business (Carlson) (2 minutes)
    7. Education (Rodriguez) (5 minutes)
      1. King Middle School Noise Ordinance Issue
      2. Celebrate Multilingual Learners: A video challenge for students
      3. California School Accountability Dashboard
      4. LAUSD and May Day Support
      5. LAUSD Board of Education Resolution in Support of Realigning Administrative Headquarters Staffing and Resources to Support Student Success
    8. Public Safety (Hain) (2 minutes)
    9. Environmental Affairs (Foell) (2 minutes)
    10. Outreach (McNamara) (2 minutes)
    11. Ad Hoc Committee on Hillhurst Ave (Ballard) (2 minutes)
    12. Ad Hoc Committee on Homelessness (Kim) (2 minutes)
    13. Budget Representatives (Rodriguez/Foell) (2 minutes)
    14. Webmaster Update (Cohen)
  7. Proposed Action (Pending Motion to Reconsider): (30 minutes)
    1. CPC-2016-1954-CU-MCUP-DB-SPP-SPR, ENV-2016-1955-MND
      1860, 1868 N Western Ave, and 5440, 5446, and 5448 W Franklin Ave
      Requesting a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to increase density greater than the maximum allowed by LAMC 12.22.A.25 with an increase of approximately 83% to permit 96 dwelling units in lieu of the 55 units otherwise permitted with 16, or 29%, of the permitted units set aside for very low income (below 50% AMI) in conjunction with the demolition of 3 existing residential units/gas station to construct a 5-story mixed use building with approximately 5,546 square feet of retail space and subterranean and ground level parking. Pursuant to LAMC 12.22.A.25, applicant proposes parking based on 0.5 spaces per bedroom, in accordance with AB 744, and on-menu incentives including 3:1 Floor-Area Ratio (FAR) in lieu of the permitted 1:1 and 2:1, averaging of FAR, density, open space, and parking. Additionally, pursuant to LAMC 12.22.A.25, applicant requests off-menu incentives to permit a maximum building height of 60 feet and a portion of the building to exceed 30 feet in height within 14 feet of the front property line and a maximum of 5 lots to be tied together to form a single building site. Pursuant to LAMC 12.24.W1 applicant requests a Master CUP to allow sale and dispensing of alcohol for on- and off-site consumption. Pursuant to LAMC 11.5.7.C applicant requests specific plan project permit compliance review under the Vermont/Western Station Neighborhood Area Plan (SNAP). Pursuant to LAMC 17.15, applicant requests approval of VTT-74166 to merge and re-subdivide the site into a single ground lot and to merge 7 feet of previously-dedicated land. Haul route approval is requested.
      MOTION: Approve a letter of conditional support of the requested application with conditions to be determined by the Governing Board. (Board Packet)
  8. Budget & Finance Motions (Howell) (10 minutes)
    1. MOTION: Approve March 2017 Monthly Expenditure Report (MER) (2 minutes)
      (Board Packet)
    2. MOTION: Approve the following individual expenditures by board vote count (5 minutes)

      Payee Amount Purpose
      Facebook $75.06 Facebook Boosts
      Big Mama & Papa’s Pizza $245.46 Refreshments for Town Hall on 3/14/17
      AED Superstore $53.05 Public Safety Committee Supplies
      Amazon $53.95 Public Safety Committee Supplies
      Big Mama & Papa’s Pizza $213.27 Refreshments for 3/21/17 LFNC mtg.
      City of Los Angeles $145.00 Unknown Charges from City of Los Angeles
      4imprint $1,230.27 Public Safety Committee Supplies
      Anderson Trophy $346.91 Council Name Badges
      Janet Kim $49.93 Homeless Count refreshments
      Janet Kim $54.35 Food for funeral services
      LA Parks Foundation $500.00 GPACC Faire
      Copy Cat $392.61 Printing
      Luke H. Klipp $100.00 Parking at March 2017 Board Meeting
      Total $3,459.86


    3. MOTION: Authorize the President and the Treasurer to expend up to $1,000 for unanticipated expenses incurred prior to the Tuesday, May 16, 2017 board meeting. (2 minutes)
    4. MOTION: Amend the FY17 Budget. (5 minutes)
  9. New Business (10 minutes)
    1. Planning, Zoning, & Historic Preservation Committee (PZHP) (Deutsch/Carlson)
      1. DIR-198-963, ZA-2017-154
        2138 Hillhurst Ave
        MOTION: Approve a letter of conditional support for the requested application for a new CUB for the dispensing of beer and wine for onsite consumption at a 3,291 square foot restaurant with 70 seats plus a 1,383 square foot outdoor patio with 38 seats.
        (Board Packet)
    2. Transportation (Cohen) (40 minutes)
      1. MOTION: Approve a letter to LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds requesting implementation of street safety measures along Commonwealth Ave between Avocado and Price Streets. (Board Packet)
      2. MOTION: Approve a letter to LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds requesting implementation of street safety measures along Hoover Street between Fountain Avenue and Sunset Drive. (Board Packet)
      3. MOTION: Approve a letter to LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds requesting implementation of street safety measures at the intersection of Franklin and Western Avenues. (Board Packet)
      4. MOTION: Approve a letter to LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds requesting LADOT investigate and prioritize street safety improvements surrounding Thomas Starr King Middle School. (Board Packet)
      5. MOTION: Approve a letter to LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds requesting that LADOT investigate possible improvements to be made in outreach and education regarding the new, daily Observatory Shuttle DASH. (Board Packet)
      6. MOTION: Approve a letter to LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds requesting LADOT provide a comprehensive list of projects, studies, and requests within Los Feliz. (Board Packet)
      7. MOTION: Approve a letter to Mayor Eric Garcetti in support of the Los Angeles International Airport modernization and improvement plan (LAMP). (Board Packet)
      8. MOTION: Submit a Community Impact Statement in support of Council File 17-0011-S4 (“Griffith Park Traffic Study”), as follows:
        “The Los Feliz Neighborhood Council (LFNC) is in support of the Griffith Park traffic study, as outlined by Councilman Ryu on March 24, 2017. Los Feliz is home to Griffith Park, the largest urban park in the country, and as such is uniquely impacted by the tremendous volume of visitors who arrive via bus, bike, or private automobile. We have multiple egress points into the park at Fern Dell Drive / Western Canyon Road, Vermont Canyon Road, Commonwealth Canyon Road, and Crystal Springs Drive. We request that Los Feliz be included in the “community impact zones,” particularly near the egress points mentioned above. Additionally, we request that the study include vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns at the intersection Franklin and Western. Also, we request to know how the closure of the Beachwood Trail access has/ will impact traffic in Los Feliz. Finally, we request that any and all data from the traffic study be made available in an easy to digest and sharable digital format to be made open and available to all.  For these reasons, the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council SUPPORTS this motion.”
        (Board Packet)
      9. MOTION: Approve the creation of an ad hoc committee for improved traffic and parking in District B with a focus on residential streets north of Franklin Ave near Western Ave.
      10. MOTION: Approve the creation of an ad hoc committee for a Vista Theatre, Sunset Drive Plaza Pilot with Josh Steichman as chair.
    3. Cultural Affairs (DiGiandomenico) (15 minutes)
      1. [FUNDING] MOTION: Approve a Neighborhood Purpose Grant in the amount of $5,000 for the Independent Shakespeare Company. (Board Packet)
      2. MOTION: Submit a Community Impact Statement in support of Council File 17-0330 (“Wells Fargo Bank / Options for Divestment”), as follows:
        Los Feliz Neighborhood Council (LFNC) recommends that, through its Budget and Finance Committee, the Los Angeles City Council advises the City’s Office of Finance to divest from Wells Fargo Bank (and/or any other financial institutions investing in the destruction of our environment) and to reinvest those funds in responsible financial institutions that respect the rights of all individuals to be treated fairly and equitably, and that protect the environment.
        The establishment of a public bank for the funds of the City of Los Angeles should be considered in conjunction with the divestment movement. During the major economic crash of 2008, the State Bank of North Dakota turned record profits while private intuitions were forced to ask for public bailouts. This type of control over funds allows investment opportunities directly benefitting the City, where opportunities include: rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, transitioning to a green energy grid, and bolstering environmentally-friendly public transportation, among others. More information provided in LFNC’s attached resolution (17 0321 – Wells Fargo DAPL Divestment).
        (Board Packet)
    4. Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance (Deutsch) (10 minutes)
      1. [FUNDING] MOTION: Authorize the expenditure of up to $1,000 for the purchase of 1) a wireless microphone system, 2) a wired microphone with cord and stand, 3) a PA system with mixer/recorder, and 4) an assisted listening device. (Board Packet)
    5. Standules Rules, Policies, and Procedures (20 minutes)
      1. MOTION: Adopt a Standing Rule: The President and/or Secretary shall be responsible for ensuring an audio recording of any Governing Board meeting is captured and used in preparing Governing Board meeting minutes. Actual recording files shall be archived electronically and made available to the public upon written request to the President and/or Secretary. (Mauceri)
      2. MOTION: Adopt a Standing Rule: Designated Staff positions shall include: Webmaster, Social-Media Manager, I-T Manager, Parliamentarian, Meeting-Minutes Taker, Copywriter, Creative Director, Volunteer Coordinator and other positions the Governing Board may deem necessary for effective council operations to be appended to this list. Positions, responsibility descriptions, and current status of whether filled (by whom) or open shall be published on the Council’s website. (Mauceri)
      3. MOTION: Adopt a Standing Rule: Pursuant to Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, section 10, as follows: Any motion dealing with a subject within the purview of a committee of the Neighborhood Council shall be automatically committed to that committee as soon as it is introduced provided, however, the motion shall be brought before the Governing Board if (i) circumstances require the Governing Board to take up the motion immediately or (ii) the motion has been previously timely submitted to the relevant committee in which case the Chair or other designated representative of the committee shall provide to the Governing Board the committee’s recommendation regarding the motion. An automatic commission of a motion to a committee includes a standing instruction to the committee to review the motion in time for, and provide a recommendation regarding the motion at, the next scheduled meeting of the Governing Board. (Hirshon)
    6. Other Items (20 minutes)
      1. MOTION: Approve letter to City Clerk, DONE and members of City Council “REIGN” Committee requesting NC spending deadline be extended beyond recently-announced cut-off date in early June 2017. (Mauceri/Demmers)
        Letter to cite actual instances where previous LFNC refunds, credits, etc. were “swept” back to City without recourse. Additionally, how fees for missed automated payments were levied after LFNC card automatic billing was disabled without proper notice. Letter to be transmitted with electronic carbon copies (cc’s) to all Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils urging similar requests.
      2. MOTION: The President and/or Secretary shall notify any submitter of motions to the Governing Board as to whether submitted motion will/will not be incorporated into the upcoming board meeting’s agenda within 96-hours of actual meeting. (Mauceri)
      3. [FUNDING] MOTION: Approve financial expenditure to secure bulk off-site storage space and consolidate NC property in one location. (Mauceri/Demmers)
  10. MOTION: Approve the March 2017 Governing Board Meeting minutes
    Minutes available via the Neighborhood Council Google Drive, in compliance with posting requirements, here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B8EUAEKXO4HBOUNGQXhRc3NBZk0 (2 minutes)
  11. Governing Board Member Announcements and Comments (5 minutes)
  12. MOTION: Adjourn
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April 18, 2017
7:30 pm - 11:30 pm
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