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Madison Blu FairchildMadisonFairchild My name is Madison Blu Fairchild and I have been living and/or working in Los Feliz since 2002. I worked in Los Feliz as a hairstylist and then became a salon owner. This work gave me both the perspective of a business owner and an employee. Moreover, this profession gave me one on one contact with community members and their thoughts and ideas of our neighborhood.
Because of these interactions I understand the needs of our community members with diverse backgrounds; be they students, business owners, single/married, immigrant, home owners or renters. My own back ground as a Transgender woman who was once undocumented, makes me sensitive to people of disenfranchised groups. I’m now a Licensed California Attorney. My practice serves low and moderate income clients in the area of Family law and Immigration with a focus on assisting the LGBT and Spanish speaking community. I advocate daily for individuals and would now like to serve my neighborhood as your representative. Thank you.
Gina IsaacIsaac, Gina I have resided in Los Feliz for most of my life. I am a local. I live and work in this community. Both my parents and grandparents are homeowners in Los Feliz, and have resided here for over 60 years. I attended Franklin Elementary School, 32nd Street Performing Arts Magnet, and Fairfax Visual Arts Magnet High School. I went to Los Angeles Valley Community College, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in the Music Industry from California State University, Los Angeles. Presently, I am a Realtor with 12 years of professional experience. I worked at the Coldwell Banker Los Feliz brokerage for 6 years, and presently work for the Nourmand & Associates Hollywood brokerage. I possess keen reasoning ability, sharp analytical skills, and practical wisdom in evaluating situations that aren’t “black & white.” I am quick on the uptake and am able to engage in reasoned debate. I am a leader, and I am devoted to improving and preserving our village.
Debra MatlockMatlock, Debra When I moved to Los Feliz in 1994 (after attending UCLA), I felt like I had finally found a home in Los Angeles. The walk-ability of our neighborhood contributed to that sense of community that is missing in many parts of the city. We decided to stay in the same apartment despite getting older and having children. This amazing neighborhood has so much to offer people of all ages. As a filmmaker and graphic designer, I have had an office in the Sarno building in the village since 1999, so I have experience as both resident and businesswoman in our district. I am interested in protecting the things that make our neighborhood great, while moving forward to address the growing demands placed upon our little corner of LA. Thanks!
Barbara HowellHowell, BAfter living in the Los Feliz area for 25 years, I fill it might be time to get involved.

Over the years, I have seen businesses and activities come and go, properties change and the neighborhood evolve.

Others have provided leadership and direction while I worked on my career. Now, it is time for me to become more involved.

Michael TapiaTapia, Michael As candidate, I wish to preserve the community and village of Los Feliz and continue to make our neighborhood a decent place to live.

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“District C” is where a majority of Los Feliz’s commercial corridors intersect and is almost entirely the area the city designates: “Los Feliz Village.”  It’s a mixture of residences and businesses that give our neighborhood the bustling feel of a big city, without being too big.  In a word: “village.”

It’s also home to a few churches (including a Sikh Temple or Gurdwara), performing stages, movie theatres, schools and our public library.

Whether they’re just looking to stroll around and browse at eclectic shops, or find that place they’ve heard so much about, Angelinos from all over the city and visitors from all over the world, usually have an image of Los Feliz Village in their minds before they arrive.Hollymont Apartments

It’s where one can hear an author speak at Skylight Books, grab a coffee Fred 62 or House of Pies, brunch at The Alcove, lunch at Yuca’s, have a drink at the Dresden with Marty & Elaine, or get Monday night’s “family dinner” at Little Dom’s.