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Amy Foell My name is Amy Foell and Los Feliz has been my home for over five years. Serving our community is a win-win; a perfect way for me to utilize and refine my communication skills whilst advocating on our behalf to City Council. Personally I’d like to ensure our neighborhood maintains its beauty and safety. Our businesses and residents have felt the burden of rising homelessness. The Mayor and City Council must take a solution-based and humane approach to ensure this ongoing issue is effectively managed. I’ve been an advocate and activist my entire life and look forward to having an opportunity to jump in locally for our collective voices. I have a Bachelors in Social Science, a Masters in Teaching as well as a Certificate in Television Writing. For employment, I am the Workforce Development Manager at the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. Books currently by my bedside are The 8 Laws of Change by Stephan A. Schwartz, A Full Life by Jimmy Carter and Super Genes by Deepak Chopra, M.D. Vote Amy!
Harold Lowell FranklinHomeowner in Los Feliz for 18 1/2 years.Great place to raise a family, I watched my daughter working with her home grown Lemons in her Lemonade stand. (the local Firehouse 35 were her biggest customers) I very much enjoy ‘the Feel’ of this community and want to do something to make it a better, safer, an even more interesting and enjoyable place to live.I will encourage input from the voices of neighborhood and work with the city to incorporate what we can for all who live, work,shop and play here.
Jon Deutsch When I first moved to Los Feliz 8 years ago, I realized that this was a community unlike any other in Los Angeles. Every day I am continually awed by what our neighborhood has to offer: outstanding natural beauty, renowned cultural institutions, unique small businesses, and wonderful homes.As a filmmaker and writer, I truly live and work in Los Feliz and would love the opportunity to give back to the vibrant neighborhood that has given me so much.Our home faces tremendous challenges and opportunities in the next few years – from the ongoing improvement of Griffith Park, to the development of new apartment buildings and homes, to the increasing plight of our homeless population.I want to represent you on the LFNC to bring YOUR voice to the table as our civic leaders craft the decisions that will impact all of our lives. I believe that listening, outreach, and consensus-building are our best tools to ensure that Los Feliz remains a special place to live, work, and play.
Janet Kim I was born and raised in District B of Los Feliz. After years of studying and working in New York, Colorado, and DC, I moved back to Los Feliz 6 years ago and I can say with much confidence and pride that Los Feliz was a wonderful place to grow up in and is an even more enjoyable neighborhood to live in now as an adult.I am currently working in business and marketing, but my past experiences include work in vaccine development for the CDC and analyzing science and security policy in various public policy centers. I love hiking in Griffith Park with my two dogs, supporting the wonderful small businesses in our neighborhood, and volunteering with the Immigration Department at the International Rescue Committee.My family has lived in Los Feliz for nearly 40 years, and we have seen the neighborhood change and evolve into the dynamic, thriving community it is now. I am deeply committed to making this great neighborhood even greater, and I would love your vote on May 14.
Christina Amirian Khanjian I am a resident of Los Feliz for the past 19 years, living in this area most of my entire life. My husband, Gary, and I have two daughters and we are very active in the community volunteering for
several local charities. I am a local shopaholic
and love to do “walking tours” of the unique shops, business establishments and restaurants
along Hollywood Boulevard and on Franklin, Vermont and Hillhurst. We have
most everything right here in this neighborhood where East meets West. I love this neighborhood where
every block you can taste and see the cultures of the world. This is a beautiful district. I want to continue to work with these small Mom and Pop stores and the neighbors who frequent these businesses so that they continue to thrive. I will listen to your needs if elected since I live in and enjoy this neighborhood. I am your neighbor.
Michael B. Hoffman 31+ yrs of Public Service & counting! MA in Public Administration emphasis in Policy! Ready to administer & deliver your municipal srvcs to you in Los Feliz, including PD, FD & public safety; edu; parking & traffic; rec & parks; land use, zoning, construction & business permitting; plus public works projects & other city-wide issues. Experience in Public budgeting; when & where to fund initiatives that will most benefit our neighborhood. Ready to put in a lot of work & expecting to chair committee(s) or drive major initiative(s). Humble, quick learner & able to engage in reasoned debate. Most importantly, have led by example small & large diverse groups with often competing goals towards a common successful conclusion. Would cherish the “opportunity” to be elected by the people, for the people & most importantly to provide the people with quality governmental services that they so well deserve. Ready to spearhead efforts to continually improve this neighborhood–our neighborhood.
Rohitkumar Srinivasa I’m an Immigration Attorney, and have always had an appreciation for Los Feliz in how it beautifully integrates culture, art, cuisine and truly impacts my work in helping bring in and assimilate those who are looking for opportunity around the world.Although, I think anyone is fortunate to live in Los Feliz, I believe plenty of things can be improved. From pedestrian safety, to zoning suggestions, to harmonious living between both old and young, a lot could be done through right legislation and regulation.I have the requisite skills to advocate for the residents as I advocate for my clients everyday and the fact that I live here gives me the passion to only go further for my constituents.I’ve never thought of myself as someone who’d get involved in holding a position for the benefit of the public, but as I’ve grown older I’ve realized the impact it could make with the right people. I believe I’m old enough with the experience and young enough to have the vigor.
Shaun TempleI have been an urban planner for the County of Los Angeles for nearly eight years. I work on community growth issues within a variety of neighborhoods throughout the LA region and I understand the importance of having commercially vibrant local businesses and also the importance of maintaining livable residential areas.As Los Feliz is my home, I would work toward finding a balance and transition between the two so that both can continue to thrive in their own respective way. Through my professional background I am familiar with zoning codes, bureaucratic processes, and local area politics. I work daily within the realm of all three and I would like to use my experience and knowledge to make sure Los Feliz remains one of the great neighborhoods of Los Angeles that we are proud to call home.

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“Franklin runs through it.”

With an exclusive gated community, Laughlin Park, in one corner and Thai Town North at another, our District B is an eclectic mix of businesses and residences and cultures.  It’s the northernmost point of a very, very long Los Angeles thoroughfare, Western Avenue, that runs all the way south to Long Beach.  Western Avenue, appropriately enough, serves as our Western border delineating Los Feliz from Hollywood.

Trianon ApartmentsDistrict B is Los Feliz’s melting pot.  With Armenian, Thai and Korean enclaves (amongst others) within it, it’s also home to schools and churches and associations serving these very distinct communities, including a Buddhist temple.  Ethnic “mom & pop” shops dot Hollywood Boulevard, and many of the families that run them live nearby.Thailand Plaza

With a majority of the District’s buildings being built in the “roaring” 20’s,” this area became an affordable option for newcomers to L.A. (read: Hollywood) with a large concentration of multi-unit buildings and garden apartment complexes.  Today, single-family homes whose families have been in them for decades, occupy the same blocks where large apartment buildings see new tenants moving in and out each month.