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Annabelle GurwitchI’ve lived in Los Feliz since 1996 and am deeply committed to seeing our neighborhood flourish economically.

At the same time, we must protect the park and our other outdoor space and come up with some solutions to mitigate the traffic and parking problems that are transforming and plaguing our quality of life in the neighborhood. I’d like to be a part of finding solutions.

I have raised a son here and am an actress and writer who works in the neighborhood at a shared office space on Rowena, so I am very familiar with our issues.

Sheldon HirshonIn December 2014 my wife and I relocated from New York City to Los Feliz. We fell in love with the village, the local stores, Griffith Park, the beauty of the district and its distinct history. We found neighbors who welcomed us with warmth and friendship. In February, I was elected by the Governing Board to fill a District A vacancy through June and now sit on the Rules and Elections Committee. In my short tenure I have considered zoning issues, the Griffith Park traffic problem and the proposed new traffic plan, and visited the entire district. I am running for a full term as I want to preserve the life qualities that brought my wife and I here and to actively participate in the neighborhood we now call our home. I was a senior corporate partner at Proskauer Rose until retiring in 2012 after a 40-year legal career. During my career I launched and headed 5 non-profit companies. We have 3 grown children; two live and/or work in Los Angeles and the third in Las Vegas.
Brian J CorneliusI am returning to Los Feliz after a 2-year absence. District A was home for 7 years and I served on the Neighborhood Council for two years until my wife Cathy’s illness induced a big lifestyle change. As an LFNC member I am hopeful I can re-engage in volunteer work, governance and the community spirit that LFNC represents. Our community has much to offer and so many unique qualities worth protecting as it becomes an ever more popular, diverse and influential place to live and work. We have important challenges as the community looks for reasonable ways to adapt to change. As an LFNC member I will bring commitment and decades of practical experience with the City, specifically in planning and zoning matters, plus a fair-minded approach to matters before the Council that directly affect our quality of life. I will bring energy and dedication to persuading neighbors to support community initiatives, schools, public safety, Griffith Park, smart development and fixing infrastructure.
Courtney BallardI have lived in Los Feliz for the past 5 years, and I have seen many changes — some good and some not-so-good — in our community. I’m attuned to the issues that Los Feliz residents face now, and those that we will likely face in the future. I love Los Feliz. I care deeply about our community — its prosperity, its safety and its preservation. I think everyone in District A is aware of the rerouting of traffic via smartphone applications and the problems — and the dangers — this traffic is creating. As a part-time stay-at-home mother of a 15 month old baby, I want to see our neighborhood support the growing number of families with children moving into the area. I want to make the streets safe for our children. I want to create safe recreational spaces in our district. As a part-time attorney and current District A Representative, I see a way to make these things happen. If I am elected to the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council, I will make safety in our community my number one priority.

Poll Map - Fire House (green)


The Los Feliz Hills, aka ‘District A,” is almost an entirely residential area…  Except that its boundaries also contain most of Griffith Park.  When locals proudly refer to the park as “our backyard,” it’s because, well, it is.  As far as urban aesthetics go, Los Feliz Hills is one lovely stretch of real estate, especially after it rains!Ennis House

There’s little doubt the hills are home to many of Los Feliz’s wealthiest residents with magnificent homes and significant mansions (not of the “Mc” variety) with some of the most stunning views in all Los Angeles.  Architecturally, Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Ennis House” is either down the street or around the bend from a John Lautner or a Paul Williams.  And yes, lots of luminaries (including a movie star or two) do live in the Los Feliz Hills.  Because.

Those hills (and the homes built on them) serve as a scenic backdrop that frames our neighborhood, yet unlike other hilly areas in the city, the view isn’t marred by big billboards or skyscrapers acting as bigger billboards.Los Feliz Boulevard - Deodars

Los Feliz Boulevard is the baseline where the hill’s “start.”  And the Boulevard is lined with trees, hundreds of cultivated Deodar Cedars that create one of the most recognizable drives in the city.