Los Feliz Neighborhood Council

Elections – Voter Info


The Council advises on and influences City policy for delivering municipal services to Los Feliz, including police, fire and public safety; education; parking and traffic; recreation and parks; land use, zoning, construction and business permitting; plus public works projects and other city-wide issues.  The Board also decides whether, when and where to fund initiatives it believes will most benefit the neighborhood.

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Boardmembers are “official” (actually public officials).  The Neighborhood Council is not a club, a non-profit corporation, a grassroots organization, or an association.  We don’t collect dues or charge membership fees.  It is a publicly elected body that carries the full “consent of the governed.”  By law, all of our meetings must be open to the public, and they are.

Through the general election, the neighborhood empowers the boardmembers to formally represent the interests of Los Feliz.  Terms in office are four years.

Your vote matters.  District Representatives are often decided by a few votes.  Voting is quick and easy and you do no not have to be registered like traditional elections.

Choose your candidates.  Click on your map district to see a list of who is running, and why they think you should vote for them.

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