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The Transportation & Mobility Committee is focused on the safe and efficient movement of all people throughout the neighborhood, whether that be driving, walking, cycling, or on a bus.



Stakeholder Members
Matlock Grossman, Kevin Randolph, Josh Steichmann
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Regular Meeting Time 1st Tuesday – 7pm

News & Updates

Support of Vision Zero

At the February 21, 2017 Governing Board meeting, the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council unanimously supported the Vision Zero Action Plan.

In addition to a letter sent to LA Department of Transportation General Manager Seleta Reynolds, Councilmember Ryu, and Councilmember O’Farrell, the following Community Impact Statement was filed with Council File 15-0546-S3:

The Los Feliz Neighborhood Council (LFNC) is in support of the Vision Zero Action Plan, as reported by Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) and dated February 1, 2017. The extent to which transportation related fatalities occur in Los Angeles, a premier international city, is an embarrassingly tragic reality. We support the efforts described in the Vision Zero Action Plan surrounding education, enforcement, engineering, evaluation and equity. No one should risk their life simply traversing the city to get to work, school, play, or home. For these reasons, the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council SUPPORTS this motion.

Read the Letter (PDF)

Transportation & Mobility Committee — February 2017

Download Agenda (PDF)

  1. Call to Order. Roll Call.
  2. Committee Chair’s Comments
  3. Pubic Comments on Non-Agenda Items
  4. Nat Gale from LADOT & Vision Zero Los Angeles
  5. Updates/Action on Previous Committee Actions
    1. Pilot Closure of Sunset Dr. at Vista Intersection
    2. Speeding Enforcement
    3. Greek Theatre Traffic & Parking
    4. Hollywood Blvd. between Hillhurst and Vermont, and Great Streets Challenge
  6. Discussion and Possible Action On:
    1. Vision Zero Action Plan
    2. Street Safety on Hyperion/Fountain
    3. Street Safety at Monon & St. George
    4. Street Safety at Avocado & Commonwealth
    5. Speeding Enforcement in Los Feliz
  7. Approval Previous Meeting’s Minutes.
  8. Adjourn

Transportation & Mobility Committee — December 2016

Transportation & Mobility Committee Agenda December 2016  (PDF)

  1. Call to Order. Roll Call.
  2. Pubic Comments on Non-Agenda Items
  3. Updates on Previous Committee Actions
    1. Small Asphalt Repair Truck Process
    2. King Middle School Street Safety
    3. Greek Theatre Parking, Traffic, and Noise
  4. Discussion and Possible Action On:
    1. City of LA Sidewalk Repair Program
    2. Wayfinding Signage
    3. Speeding Enforcement in Los Feliz
    4. Temporary Closure of Sunset Drive
  5. Approval Previous Meeting’s Minutes.
    1. October 2016 Minutes
    2. November 2016 Minutes
  6. Adjourn

Feedback on Greek Theatre Traffic & Parking

The Los Feliz Neighborhood Council Transportation & Mobility Committee is gathering feedback from the neighborhood concerning Greek Theatre traffic, noise, and parking. This past season was the first where the LA Department of Recreation & Parks was running things, with new traffic and parking plans, and we want to hear from you on how things went.

Though you may not receive a response directly, please know that your feedback will be read.

Transportation and Mobility Committee – October 2016

Transportation & Mobility October 2016 Meeting Agenda PDF

  1. Call to Order. Roll Call.
  2. Pubic Comments on Non-Agenda Items
  3. Discussion and Possible Action On:
    1. Great Streets Application – Hollywood Blvd. between Vermont and Hillhurst Avenues.
    2. King Middle School Safety
    3. Ben Lomond Pl. Street Safety
    4. Rodney Dr. and Hollywood Crosswalk
    5. Vermont Triangle Redesign
    6. Intersection of Vermont/Russell Crosswalk Safety
  4. Approval Previous Meeting’s Minutes.
  5. Adjourn

Transportation Committee Co-Chair

Are you interested in making Los Feliz an even better place to live, work, and play?

Our Transportation Committee is seeking a new co-chair, and it could be you!

The Transportation Committee works with Los Feliz Stakeholders, LADOT, LAPD, and others to ensure that the streets and sidewalks of Los Feliz are safe and accessible to all.

The co-chair will be responsible for: building a committee of Los Feliz stakeholders, convening regular public meetings (at least once a quarter), and communicating with the elected Governing Board of the LFNC – all in accordance with the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council.

The co-chair will be appointed by the Executive Committee of the Governing Board.  While being a committee chair does not require a seat on the Governing Board, it does require the convening and administration of meetings to recommend courses of action regarding their respective areas of expertise.

The co-chair will work with Matlock Grossman, current co-chair of the committee.


Candidates for committee chair must be at least 13 years of age and declare a legitimate stake within the boundaries of the LFNC.  Stakeholders are defined by the LFNC Bylaws as someone “who lives, works, or owns real property within LFNC boundaries and also those who declare a stake in the neighborhood as a Community Interest Stakeholder, defined as a person who affirms a substantial and ongoing participation within LFNC boundaries and who may be in a community organization such as, but not limited to, educational, recreational, business, public safety, nonprofit, and/or religious organizations.” Chairs may serve as long as they are able, or until they are replaced by the Executive Committee.

Are You In Los Feliz?

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Application Process

  • Applications must be submitted by Tuesday, February 13th, 2018 at 7:30PM PT. The Executive Committee Meeting where this item will be heard  will be February 20, 2018 at 7:00PM.
  • All interested applicants should fill out the form below and submit a statement of interest.
  • Candidates are urged to attend the Executive Committee meeting at which their candidacy is being considered, and will be afforded equal time to speak on behalf of their candidacy.
  • After a question and answer period, the Executive Committee will vote to make the appointment.

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Transportation & Mobility Committee Meeting – September 2016

Download the Complete Agenda and Supplementary PacketLFNC T&M Committee Agenda and Packet September 2016

  1. Call to Order. Roll Call.
  2. Pubic Comments on Non-Agenda Items
  3. Committee Announcements:
    1. LACBC’s Family Fun Ride
  4. Discussion and Possible Action On:
    1. Update on intersection of Mariposa and Alexandria
    2. DASH Bus Routes – Los Feliz, Observatory, Hollywood
    3. Vermont Triangle Redesign
    4. Traffic Safety concerns at major intersections along Los Feliz Blvd. with bus benches
    5. Pedestrian Safety along Hollywood between Normandie and Western
    6. Mobility Plan 2035 and Vermont, Hillhurst, Hollywood, Franklin, and Los Feliz Blvd
  5. Adjourn

Support of the Griffith Observatory Circulation Plan

The Board has written a letter to Michael A. Shull, General Manager Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, offering support for the Griffith Observatory Circulation and Parking Enhancement Plan. Griffith Park is not only the largest urban park in the country, but it is entirely in Los Feliz, and the neighborhood is feeling the increase in visitors to the park arriving by car. The Los Feliz Neighborhood Council supports the Plan in providing alternatives to driving and parking in our neighborhoods with improved road circulation, paid parking, and improve DASH bus shuttle service.

Griffith Observatory Circulation Plan Support PDF

Mariposa-Alexandria Intersection Improvement

The Board has written a letter to DOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds concerning the intersection of Alexandria and Mariposa Avenues. This originally came up through LFNC Representative Jon Deutsch who listened to residents concerns of dangerous driving and unsafe walking conditions near the intersection. The matter was brought up at the Transportation & Mobility Committee who agreed that more needed to be done. The final letter sent was approved at the July 2016 meeting of the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council Governing Board.

Mariposa-Alexandria Intersection PDF