Los Feliz Neighborhood Council

Committee Planning and Land Use Management

Track, review, and provide advice on Planning & Zoning issues in our neighborhood and Los Angeles at large. Foster dialogue between permit applicants and stakeholders. Encourage preservation of the historic structures in our community.

At this time, PLUM inquiries should be directed to the LFNC President at president@losfeliznc.org.

Stakeholder Members
Sorin Alexanian, Dennis Chew, Brian Cornelius, Rosemary DeMonte, Jacqueline Kerr, Christina Khanjian, Gary Khanjian, Randy Myer, Richard Spicer, David Uebersax
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Regular Meeting Time 1st Wednesday – 7pm

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Planning, Zoning, and Historic Preservation Meeting — April 2017

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  1. Call to Order.
  2. Roll Call.
  3. Review and approval of prior committee meeting minutes
  4. Public Comments on Non-agenda items.
  5. Discussion and possible action on the following proposed projects:
    1. 2138 Hillhurst DIR 198 963
      Elizabeth Valerio, Valerio Architects representing Paul Greco Family Trust.
      Termination of current revocation action on the site as indicated in Case ZA-1998-963 (RV)(PA5) which imposed conditions of approval for a use permit on the prior owner/operator of Tangier Korean Barbeque.
    2. 2138 Hillhurst Avenue ZA-2017-154
      Elizabeth Valerio, Valerio Architects representing Starbucks.
      Applicant requests a conditional use permit to allow the sale and dispensing of beer and wine for on=site consumption in conjunction with a proposed 3291 square foot restaurant with 70 seats, and a 1383 square foot outdoor patio with 38 seats in the C4-1D zone. Proposed hours of operation are from 5 AM to 2 AM daily in lieu of Commercial Corner/Mini Shopping Center regulations. The proposed project includes a remodel to the shell of an existing 7499 square foot restaurant in which 3291 square feet will be used for the proposed Starbucks and the remaining 2825 square feet will be sublet.
    3. Discussion and possible action:
      Review of Los Feliz development projects within Station Neighborhood Area Plan (aka SNAP) regarding the combining of mixed “sub-area” lots, height and FAR limitations, and potential add on “density bonuses.” Recommendation of guiding principles or other advisements to LFNC Governing Board for reviewing pending and future projects including subject properties : 4767 & 4773 Hollywood blvd; 1860 Western Avenue (5440-5448 Franklin Avenue ).
  6. Other Comments, Announcements and Reports.
    1. Draft Sign Ordinance update and potential actions – Richard Spicer and Jaqueline Kerr
  7. Adjourn.

Planning, Zoning, and Historical Preservation Committee Meeting – October 2016

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  1. Call to Order. Roll Call.
  2. Public Comments on Non-agenda items.
  3. Discussion and possible action on the following proposed projects:

A. 1800 Hillhurst Avenue LA 90027 –ZA-2016-3056-CUB

Applicant requests a conditional Use Permit to allow the sale of beer and wine for on-site consumption in conjunction with an existing 1,166 sq. ft. restaurant with 42 indoor seats and with an hours of operation from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 am daily in lieu of 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. as restricted by commercial corner regulation.

B.  1804 N. Serrano, LA 90027

Applicant proposes to demolish a single family dwelling and build two new three stories duplexes for a total 4 units. Two units will be 2 bedrooms and 2 baths and two units will be 3 bedrooms and two baths.

  1. Other Comments, Announcements and Reports.

A.  Citywide sign Ordinance up date (Spicer and Kerr)

  1. Adjourn.

Franklin & Western Development Project – Local Hearing

Western Franklin 500' Radius

1860-1868 N. Western Avenue & 5440-5448 W. Franklin Avenue

The council’s Planning, Zoning, and Historic Preservation (PZHP) Committee will review an application pending before the city’s Planning Department and Zoning Administrators at a later date.  The public is invited to attend this meeting and provide comment before the council makes any recommendations or advisements regarding the proposal.

Existing Project Site

• Construct an approximately 101,916 square foot, five-story mixed use project, with approximately 5,546 square feet of ground floor commercial space.

• Proposal inludes 96 residential units and sets aside 30% of the base density units for “Very Low Income” restricted affordable housing.

• Proposal includes 123 parking spaces; 105 residential parking and 18 retail / guest parking spaces, plus 54 bicycle parking stalls.


• The Project is within the Vermont/Western Transit Oriented District (TOD) Station Neighborhood Area Plan (SNAP).

• Applicant is requesting a density bonus of up to 83% as allowed by building and zoning codes, plus additional variances and/or waivers.

Click here to view, print or download complete committee agenda packet and project related documents.


Planning, Zoning, and Historic Preservation Committee Meeting August 2016

PZHP Agenda August 2016 (PDF)
PZHP Agenda Packet August 2016 (PDF)


1. Call to Order.  Roll Call.

2. Public Comments on Non-agenda items.

3. Discussion and possible action on the following proposed projects:

A. 3143-3145 N. Ettrick St. LA 90027 –ZA-2016-2453

Applicant requests a zone change variance to allow a 3rd dwelling unit on a legal non-conforming R1-1 lot with an existing duplex for a total floor area of 3,349 s.f. in lieu of the 3,238.5 s.f. permitted in the R1-1 zone with zero parking for the proposed new dwelling unit to be replaced with bicycle parking and for a reduced side yard of 0 ft in lieu of the 5 ft and reduce rear yard of 10 feet in lieu of 15 feet required.

B. 1860-1868 N. Western Ave., 5440-5448 W. Franklin Ave. CPC-2016-1954-CU-MCUP-DB

Applicant proposes to construct an approximately 101,916 square foot five story mixed use project including 96 residential units and approximately 5,546 square feet of ground floor commercial space and 123 parking spaces 105 residential parking and 18 retail and guest parking spaces and 54 bicycle parking stalls.

The project site is zoned C$-1D and R3-1 and is also located in Subarea A and B of the Vermont/Western SNAP, the maximum permitted density for the project site is 52 units. The applicant proposes to set aside 30% of the base density units as “Very Low Income” restricted affordable housing.  The applicant requests a density increase of up to 83% to achieve a total of 96 units.  The unit breakdown consists of 28 studios, 48 one bedroom units and 20 two bedroom units.

The applicant requests:

1.- Approval of Vesting Tentative Tract Map No 74169 to merge and re-subdivide the site into a single ground lot to facilitate the construction of the project. To merge of 7 feet of previously dedicated land along Franklin Ave. back into the project site and approval of specific plan project permit compliance review.

2.- A conditional use permit to increase density greater than the maximum allowed by LAMC section 12.22.A.25. a density bonus increase of approximately 83% over the entire project site in order to permit 96 dwelling units in lieu of the 52 units otherwise permitted with proposed 30% of units for very low income households.

3A.- Requests a 3:1 floor area ratio (FAR) over the entire project site in lieu of the permitted 1:1 FAR in C4-1D

Portion of Subarea A, 2:1 FAR for residential uses in Subarea B.

3B.- Requests averaging floor area ratio, density, open space and parking for C4-1D and R3-1 zones and subareas A and B.

3C.- A waiver of Section 7.D of Vermont/Western SNAP to permit a maximum building height of 60 feet in lieu of required maximum building height of 43.9 feet in Subarea A and 50 feet for mixed used within Subarea B.

3D.- A waiver of Section 7A and B of the Vermont/Western SNAP to allow a maximum of 5 lots, both residentially and commercially zoned, having a combined lot area of 38,139 square feet to be tied together to form a single building site.

3E.- A waiver of Section V.6 of Vermont/Western SNAP development standards and design guidelines to permit a portion of the building located in Subarea B to exceed more than 30 feet in height with 15 feet of the front property line.

4.- A master Conditional Use Permit to allow the sale and/or dispensing of alcoholic beverages for on-site and off-site consumption.

4. Other Comments, Announcements and Reports.

  1. Citywide sign Ordinance update (Spicer and Kerr)
  2. Projects notificaiton process (Spicer)

5. Adjourn.

‘Acker Mini-Mansion’ Monument Status Opposed

Mini-ManseAt its January 2016 meeting, the council’s Governing Board voted to oppose designating the bungalows at 4511-4513 Russell Avenue as a Los Angeles Historical Cultural Monument.  The small homes have been formally nominated, and the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission (CHC) will review the application and decide whether the property qualifies for the unique designation.

If determined to be a landmark, the structure will be protected from any demolition, rebuilding or exterior remodeling and would remain in its current state.

Forrest J. Ackerman, known to his friends and fans as ‘Uncle Forry’, lived in Los Feliz for most of his life and passed away here in 2008.

A literary agent to renowned writers Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov and others, Ackerman is widely credited with coining the term ‘Sci-Fi’.  He published one of the first “fan-zines” called ‘Famous Monsters of Filmland’, and was widely known to have influenced numerous actors, directors and film technicians in the Science Fiction and Horror genres.


Although Ackerman lived many years in a large 18-room home on Glendower Avenue, where he curated a massive collection of Sci-Fi memorabilia, Ackerman spent his final 6 years in the bungalows on Russell Avenue, where he still displayed a portion of his once expansive collection on Saturday afternoons to the general public.

The Governing Board heard public comment from over 45 area stakeholders regarding whether Los Feliz should support the nomination and recommend the City give the bungalows landmark status.

After a period of debate, the Board considered three courses of action regarding a Cultural-Historic Monument designation:  SUPPORT (it), OBJECT (to it), or DEFER the decision to the CHC.

By a ballot vote of 7-3-2, the Governing board opposes this one time Ackerman residence becoming a Los Angeles Cultural Historic Monument.


OPPOSE (7): Cohen, Irmas, Khanjian, Klipp, Longfellow, Maloney, Mauceri.

SUPPORT (3): Carlson, Cassadore, Demmers.

DEFER (2): DiGiandomenico, Rodriguez.

View, download or print official council document by clicking here.

New OSH Store on Hollywood Boulevard

The council’s Governing Board unanimously recommended the design and construction plan for a new Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) store be given the go-ahead at its December 2015 meeting.

OSH Plate

The project, which had been reviewed earlier by the council’s Planning, Zoning and Historic Preservation (PZHP) Committee recommended additional conditions be incorporated into the plan after hearing from nearby neighbors.

These include establishing a “hotline” for residents to report any adverse construction and operational impacts; limiting the store’s operating hours to a regular 9:00 PM closing time and meeting with local law enforcement regarding location security during and after construction.Osh plate 2

Additionally, the Board recommended the sidewalks be left the same widths as others on adjacent blocks.

OSH representatives agreed to incorporate the Board’s recommendations into their plan, which will now go before the city’s Department of Buildings and Safety for final approval and issuance of the necessary construction permits.

The new store will be located on the north side of Hollywood Boulevard between Kenmore and Edgemont Streets, and will have an underground parking area that features more spaces than the building code requires.

Construction is expected to begin sometime in 2016.