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Budget & Finance Committee Meeting – October 2017

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  1. Call to order. Roll call.
  2. Public comment on non‐agenda items.
  3. Comments by elected officials and staff.
  4. Discussion: FY 2017‐2018 Expenditures to date.
  5. Discussion: Review of 2017 – 2018 Budget Package Submittal.
  6. Discussion: Review of existing Los Feliz Neighborhood Council collateral materials
  7. Discussion: Review of Neighborhood Council’s annual operating expenses.
  8. Discussion and Possible Action.A. Review of individual committee funding requests for 2017 ‐ 2018B. Requests for clarification and/or additional information
  9. Discussion and Possible Action: Revision to 2017‐2018 Budget Allocation.
  10. Motion to adjourn.

Budget & Finance Committee Meeting — November 2016


The Date of This Meeting Was Erronously Listed As 11/18.  The Actual Meeting Date is 11/21 (as reflected in the .pdf below.)

Click Here For Full Agenda

  2. Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items
  3. Remarks from the Committee Chair/Treasurer, Barbara Howell
  4. Discussion/Action on how to budget for the additional $5,000
    1. Review submissions from Committee Chairs
    2. Review recommendations from at-large board members
    3. Develop recommendations for how LFNC should use the additiaonal funds
  5. Approval of July 2016 Budget & Finance Committee Meeting minutes.
  6. New Business
  7. Committee Member Comments
  8. Adjourn