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Tree Adoption Event 2017

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Public Works & Neighborhood Beautification’s Tree Adoption Event with City Plants on June 3, 2017 at Barnsdall Park. We gave away a lot of free trees, and look forward to doing it again next year!

Clean Streets Challenge A Success

Thank you to all of the Los Feliz stakeholders who cleaned up our neighborhood!

We exceeded our goal of 50 trash bags, taking over 65 bags of trash off the streets of Los Feliz.  In addition, we removed dangerous items such as hypodermic needles and filed dozens of bulky item pickup requests (via the MyLA311 app.)

Check out some photos of the cleanup below, or head to our instagram or facebook page to see more.

If you have photos to share, post them online and add the hashtags #cleanstreetslosfeliz & #cleanstreetsla.

If you have any questions, comments, or stories, please email email hidden; JavaScript is required

Let’s keep Los Feliz looking great!



Cleaning the off ramp by Griffith Park


This trash won’t be gracing the streets of Los Feliz anymore!


Cleaning up the curb.


Just a few of the many Clean Streets Los Feliz volunteers.

Make Los Feliz Look Its Best – Clean Streets Challenge – Nov. 6th

hoover-steps-clean-upUPDATED 11/4/16

Team up with the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council to help make Los Feliz look its best through the Clean Streets LA Challenge!

The LFNC Environmental Affairs Committee is spearheading Los Feliz’s participation in this city-wide effort to clean up our neighborhoods.

You can help by:

  • Downloading the MyLA311 App to report clean up of large bulky items, graffiti, illegal dumping and more.
  • Becoming a Block Captain to lead our efforts to report things on your block to MyLA311.  Apartment managers, business owners, and dog walkers are great fits!  Clean Email email hidden; JavaScript is required to sign up! Clean-up supplies will be provided (see instructions below.)
  • Identify an area where a public trash can is needed.  Take pictures of full trash cans or areas where trash accumulates and the LFNC can request a new can.
  • CLEAN UP YOUR IMMEDIATE AREA ON NOVEMBER 6th, from 9AM-1PM.  Join forces with your neighbors or local organization.
However you decide to participate, BE SURE TO DOCUMENT YOUR BEFORE AND AFTER WORK ON SOCIAL MEDIA!  USE THE HASHTAGS #CleanStreetsLA and #CleanStreetsLosFeliz so we can promote your pics.

Contactt the LFNC Environmental Affairs Committee co-chairs with any questions or to find out more:

Amy Foell (email hidden; JavaScript is required) and Debra Matlock (email hidden; JavaScript is required.)


Renters Alliance Fair – October 19th

PLEASE NOTE:  A previous post incorrectly listed the date of this event as October 20th.  The event will be take place on Wednesday, October 19th.  Click the flyer below for full details.

apartment-for-rent-18Do you know what to do if you get an eviction notice?  Are you concerned about how the Ellis Act or Airbnb might affect where you live?  Do you have questions about rent control?

Then come to the Renters Alliance Fair, hosted by the Hollywood United Neighborhood Council and co-sponsored by the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council.

Representatives will be on hand from The Housing Authority of Los Angeles, Eviction Defense Network, Los Angeles Tenets Union, and more.


Wednesday, October 19th, 7PM @ Mears Center Auditorium,

First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood –  1760 N. Gower St.  

Parking on south side of Carlos. (Click for map)



Check out the flyer below for more info (click to enlarge.)



Ballot Information Expo – Oct. 8th, 2016

voteOn Saturday, October 8th, the Hollywood United Neighborhood Council (HUNC) will be hosting a forum to help inform voters on the many propositions on the November ballot.

The Los Feliz Neighborhood Council is proud to be a co-sponsor of this event, and encourages all interested stakeholders to attend and hear arguments on all sides of the many important questions facing voters.

10AM -2PM @ Mears Center Auditorium, First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood –  1760 N. Gower St.  Parking on south side of Carlos. (Click for map)

Check out the flyer below for more info (click to enlarge.)

Ballot Expo Flyer


DASH Routes Changing – Submit Public Comment By September 30th


LADOT is currently considering changing the routes of the DASH lines that service Los Feliz (Los Feliz, Hollywood, and Observatory Shuttle.)

Each of the routes would be dramatically altered, with new stops being added and existing stops eliminated.  Maps of the proposed changes can be found at the bottom of this post, or by clicking the links below:

DASH Los Feliz

DASH Hollywood

DASH Observatory Shuttle

On September 20th, 2016, the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council submitted a series of comments on the proposed changes on behalf of our stakeholders. (You can see our recommendations here.)

LADOT is accepting public comment on the proposed route changes through September 30th, 2016.

If these changes affect you, or if you would like to offer any public comment comment, please submit your comments to:

Philip M. Aker, Hearing Officer
201 North Los Angeles Street, #16
Los Angeles, CA 90012
email hidden; JavaScript is required
email hidden; JavaScript is required
(213) 995-4545

Proposed Route Changes

(click to enlarge)

 observatory_dash losfeliz_dash hollywood_dash

2016 Election Winners

On May 14th, 2016, Los Feliz stakeholders elected ten boardmembers to the Council. Below are the newly elected from each of our five districts (Official Canvass of Votes).

Thank you to all 27 candidates for stepping forward and putting in the time and effort to campaign.  We hope to see them, and all our neighbors, stay involved in the Council through attending meetings, being part of committees, and also taking advantage of our upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.  Stay connected, sign up for: email updates.

District A

District A (green)

Sheldon Hirshon

In December 2014 my wife and I relocated from New York City to Los Feliz. We fell in love with the village, the local stores, Griffith Park, the beauty of the district and its distinct history. We found neighbors who welcomed us with warmth and friendship. In February, I was elected by the Governing Board to fill a District A vacancy through June and now sit on the Rules and Elections Committee. In my short tenure I have considered zoning issues, the Griffith Park traffic problem and the proposed new traffic plan, and visited the entire district. I am running for a full term as I want to preserve the life qualities that brought my wife and I here and to actively participate in the neighborhood we now call our home. I was a senior corporate partner at Proskauer Rose until retiring in 2012 after a 40-year legal career. During my career I launched and headed 5 non-profit companies. We have 3 grown children; two live and/or work in Los Angeles and the third in Las Vegas.

Courtney Ballard

I have lived in Los Feliz for the past 5 years, and I have seen many changes — some good and some not-so-good — in our community. I’m attuned to the issues that Los Feliz residents face now, and those that we will likely face in the future. I love Los Feliz. I care deeply about our community — its prosperity, its safety and its preservation. I think everyone in District A is aware of the rerouting of traffic via smartphone applications and the problems — and the dangers — this traffic is creating. As a part-time stay-at-home mother of a 15 month old baby, I want to see our neighborhood support the growing number of families with children moving into the area. I want to make the streets safe for our children. I want to create safe recreational spaces in our district. As a part-time attorney and current District A Representative, I see a way to make these things happen. If I am elected to the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council, I will make safety in our community my number one priority.

District B

District B (orange)

Jon Deutsch

 When I first moved to Los Feliz 8 years ago, I realized that this was a community unlike any other in Los Angeles. Every day I am continually awed by what our neighborhood has to offer: outstanding natural beauty, renowned cultural institutions, unique small businesses, and wonderful homes.As a filmmaker and writer, I truly live and work in Los Feliz and would love the opportunity to give back to the vibrant neighborhood that has given me so much.Our home faces tremendous challenges and opportunities in the next few years – from the ongoing improvement of Griffith Park, to the development of new apartment buildings and homes, to the increasing plight of our homeless population.I want to represent you on the LFNC to bring YOUR voice to the table as our civic leaders craft the decisions that will impact all of our lives. I believe that listening, outreach, and consensus-building are our best tools to ensure that Los Feliz remains a special place to live, work, and play.

Amy Foell

 My name is Amy Foell and Los Feliz has been my home for over five years. Serving our community is a win-win; a perfect way for me to utilize and refine my communication skills whilst advocating on our behalf to City Council. Personally I’d like to ensure our neighborhood maintains its beauty and safety. Our businesses and residents have felt the burden of rising homelessness. The Mayor and City Council must take a solution-based and humane approach to ensure this ongoing issue is effectively managed. I’ve been an advocate and activist my entire life and look forward to having an opportunity to jump in locally for our collective voices. I have a Bachelors in Social Science, a Masters in Teaching as well as a Certificate in Television Writing. For employment, I am the Workforce Development Manager at the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. Books currently by my bedside are The 8 Laws of Change by Stephan A. Schwartz, A Full Life by Jimmy Carter and Super Genes by Deepak Chopra, M.D. Vote Amy!

District C

District C (red)

Gina Issac

Isaac, Gina I have resided in Los Feliz for most of my life. I am a local. I live and work in this community. Both my parents and grandparents are homeowners in Los Feliz, and have resided here for over 60 years. I attended Franklin Elementary School, 32nd Street Performing Arts Magnet, and Fairfax Visual Arts Magnet High School. I went to Los Angeles Valley Community College, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in the Music Industry from California State University, Los Angeles. Presently, I am a Realtor with 12 years of professional experience. I worked at the Coldwell Banker Los Feliz brokerage for 6 years, and presently work for the Nourmand & Associates Hollywood brokerage. I possess keen reasoning ability, sharp analytical skills, and practical wisdom in evaluating situations that aren’t “black & white.” I am quick on the uptake and am able to engage in reasoned debate. I am a leader, and I am devoted to improving and preserving our village.

Barbara Howell

Howell, BAfter living in the Los Feliz area for 25 years, I fill it might be time to get involved.

Over the years, I have seen businesses and activities come and go, properties change and the neighborhood evolve.

Others have provided leadership and direction while I worked on my career. Now, it is time for me to become more involved.

District D

District D (purple)

Nello Digiandomenico

56_104_-1405978501I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the bulk of my seven years in Los Angeles in — what is now my only home — Los Feliz, Los Angeles, California.Originally from upstate New York, I relocated after graduating SUNY Brockport College.

I’m excited to start my first truly elected term on the Los Feliz NC. I was fortunate enough to reside on the board since October 2015 after the previous representative of District D resigned. Since then, I was able to gain an understanding of what it is to be a board member.

My short time on the board has also lent to me an understanding of the dynamics of the board, its members, and its relationship with its stakeholders. I believe — combined with my passion to preserve and expand the charm that makes Los Feliz the best neighborhood in all of Los Angeles — my experience allows for immediate expansion of my outreach to the neighborhood as I am the new Chair of the Cultural Affairs Committee and plan on getting more involved in Education and PZHP.

Dan McNamara

McNamara, D I’ve been a resident of Los Feliz District D for several years, and I would be honored to represent my neighbors on the LFNC. I am an Eagle Scout with a degree in journalism; leadership, problem solving, and communication are my strong suits. My goals on the council will be related to traffic and safety in the area, and coordination with our neighbors in Silver Lake & Atwater Village.

I have already submitted proposals to the city of LA regarding the need for a 4-way stop at the intersection of Monon & St. George, which can be treacherous, especially when non-residents are speeding through to avoid nearby traffic. The proximity to John Marshall High School makes this an especially important safety concern.

I also want to coordinate with the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council regarding traffic and business on Hyperion Ave., which is our shared border. I’d like to find a way to reduce gridlock around the Trader Joe’s.

If elected, I will work hard for the good of our community.

District E

District E (blue)

Bryant Edwards

Edwards, Bryant Having lived in Los Angeles my entire life, I have had the unique pleasure of living and working in various neighborhoods. Los Feliz is my favorite. You can see me walking to work (CHLA), to the store, or to any one of our many neighborhood restaurants. I am embedded and invested in our community, and I am committed to working with neighbors and city officials to sustain our neighborhood’s and our city’s vitality. I will do everything that I can to ensure the safety, vibrancy, and sense of community in Los Feliz.For the past 3 years, I have served on the board of my profession’s state association, collaborating with stakeholders throughout California. I am interested in the same type of involvement right here in my neighborhood.

As a firm believer in collaboration, gathering and using evidence to inform decisions, and being proactive in order to sustain our community. I hope that you’ll give me the opportunity to serve our neighborhood.

Danny Cohen

Cohen, DannyI have been a resident of Sunset Drive and District E since March 2010, a member of the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council Governing Board since August 2015, and involved with LFNC since October 2014.

Los Feliz, much like the rest of Los Angeles, is changing, but we can all be a part of having that change be inclusive and forward thinking. We’re facing the realities of housing, transportation, and the state of our environment. During my time already on the Governing Board, along with the Transportation Committee, I have focused on creatively evolving our shared resources to provide a better Los Feliz, rather than settling for the status quo. Our neighborhood should reflect the fact that we are all Los Feliz.

Being on the LFNC Governing Board is important to me because it provides the opportunity to be a part of the positive change, head public discussion, and help to shape the future of this wonderful neighborhood.

Thank you for your consideration and your vote.

New OSH Store on Hollywood Boulevard

The council’s Governing Board unanimously recommended the design and construction plan for a new Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) store be given the go-ahead at its December 2015 meeting.

OSH Plate

The project, which had been reviewed earlier by the council’s Planning, Zoning and Historic Preservation (PZHP) Committee recommended additional conditions be incorporated into the plan after hearing from nearby neighbors.

These include establishing a “hotline” for residents to report any adverse construction and operational impacts; limiting the store’s operating hours to a regular 9:00 PM closing time and meeting with local law enforcement regarding location security during and after construction.Osh plate 2

Additionally, the Board recommended the sidewalks be left the same widths as others on adjacent blocks.

OSH representatives agreed to incorporate the Board’s recommendations into their plan, which will now go before the city’s Department of Buildings and Safety for final approval and issuance of the necessary construction permits.

The new store will be located on the north side of Hollywood Boulevard between Kenmore and Edgemont Streets, and will have an underground parking area that features more spaces than the building code requires.

Construction is expected to begin sometime in 2016.

What’s a Neighborhood Council


In June, 1999, Los Angeles voters approved a new City Charter which authorized the creation of a “Citywide Plan for Neighborhood Councils” and created the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) to assist neighborhoods in forming councils and creating a framework in which they could operate.  On June 11, 2002, The Los Feliz Neighborhood Council (LFNC) was officially certified and began operations.  Our stated purpose is to promote more citizen participation in government and to make government more responsive to local needs through a citywide network of neighborhood councils. Each council is responsible for representing the diverse interests of its “Stakeholders.”

Los Feliz Neighborhood Council Boundary Map

On behalf of over 36,000 residents, LFNC officially advises the Mayor, City Council and City Departments on behalf of Los Feliz on all things municipal. We’re a conduit to city hall, dedicated to keeping the neighborhood a great place to live, work, and play.

Council membership is open to any stakeholder who actively participates in a committee (e.g., Education, Public Safety, Public Works, etc.) or as a Designated Staff Member (Webmaster, Assistant Treasurer, Copywriter, etc.).  The council’s Governing Board is elected through a popular vote election held every two years.

There are Fifteen (15) District Representatives with three (3) representing each of our Geographical Districts.  Ten (10) are elected in one cycle, and five (5) in the following cycle two years later.  District Representatives serve four year terms.