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Los Feliz Emergency Neighborhood Radio Network

Announcing the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council Emergency Neighborhood Radio Network.

Photo Credit: How Stuff Works

Let’s get together “on the air” once a month to test emergency communications in Los Feliz. Starting in January, we’ll be “on the air” the first Monday of each month at 7 PM on Family Radio Service* (FRS) channel 15 asking for quick check-ins.

During an emergency, cellular and land-line phones will be overwhelmed, so inexpensive ($25) FRS radios are an excellent addition to your home emergency arsenal, and they’re easily available online. Small, no-license required, good for 2-miles or more, they connect neighbor to neighbor in an emergency.

We’d be happy to help get you started, and in the meantime, if you have any questions, contact Mike Hain, Chair of the Public Health and Safety Committee at email hidden; JavaScript is required

 *FRS radios are low-power, inexpensive radios designed for emergency use in the event cell service goes down or is being over-used. A reminder, this net will most likely not be in use in the event of a major disaster, so learn to use the FRS radios as another tool to talk to your neighbors.

Let’s try some radio check-ins. Not all at once. But give it a try. Give your name and street — I’m David on Lyric Avenue. Plain English, please.

 A couple of reminders:

  • CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training is offered free of charge and is really recommended to assist your neighbors and yourselves in times of major emergency. CERT-Hollywood Basic Training starts January 10th (click here to register).
  •  Please participate in the LA “Map your Neighborhood” project which again connects neighbors with neighbors in an emergency. More info on “Map Your Neighborhood” is available.

David Ahrendts of the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council Public Health and Safety Committee