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‘Acker Mini-Mansion’ Monument Status Opposed

Mini-ManseAt its January 2016 meeting, the council’s Governing Board voted to oppose designating the bungalows at 4511-4513 Russell Avenue as a Los Angeles Historical Cultural Monument.  The small homes have been formally nominated, and the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission (CHC) will review the application and decide whether the property qualifies for the unique designation.

If determined to be a landmark, the structure will be protected from any demolition, rebuilding or exterior remodeling and would remain in its current state.

Forrest J. Ackerman, known to his friends and fans as ‘Uncle Forry’, lived in Los Feliz for most of his life and passed away here in 2008.

A literary agent to renowned writers Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov and others, Ackerman is widely credited with coining the term ‘Sci-Fi’.  He published one of the first “fan-zines” called ‘Famous Monsters of Filmland’, and was widely known to have influenced numerous actors, directors and film technicians in the Science Fiction and Horror genres.


Although Ackerman lived many years in a large 18-room home on Glendower Avenue, where he curated a massive collection of Sci-Fi memorabilia, Ackerman spent his final 6 years in the bungalows on Russell Avenue, where he still displayed a portion of his once expansive collection on Saturday afternoons to the general public.

The Governing Board heard public comment from over 45 area stakeholders regarding whether Los Feliz should support the nomination and recommend the City give the bungalows landmark status.

After a period of debate, the Board considered three courses of action regarding a Cultural-Historic Monument designation:  SUPPORT (it), OBJECT (to it), or DEFER the decision to the CHC.

By a ballot vote of 7-3-2, the Governing board opposes this one time Ackerman residence becoming a Los Angeles Cultural Historic Monument.


OPPOSE (7): Cohen, Irmas, Khanjian, Klipp, Longfellow, Maloney, Mauceri.

SUPPORT (3): Carlson, Cassadore, Demmers.

DEFER (2): DiGiandomenico, Rodriguez.

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