Los Feliz Neighborhood Council

Governing Board

Open District D Seat Candidate Statement

A Boardmember has moved from District D, and we are looking for bright, energetic, self-starter to finish out the term. The council’s bylaws authorize the Governing Board to solicit and appoint a new District Representative to finish out the term which ends: June 2016.


Nello DiGiandomenico

I believe my experience in politics is underwhelming when compared to the ambition and love I bestow for our village settled at the toes of the graceful Griffith observatory. Serving this town would be an honor for someone, such as myself, that has a profound appreciation for what it is that solidifies this area one of the last great bastions of culture in this city; Its soul.

I’ve been active in campaigning for several candidates both nationally and locally. I’ve also participated in and coordinated rallies, leafleting, community awareness events — what would be considered the lot of civil participation. That and debating endlessly on the likes of social media. Always winning, of course. As in jest as it is on the surface — many people solely get their news from their feed on Facebook.

After moving back into Los Feliz, and in researching my objective of joining the town council, I came to find section D was not in need of a council member. After two months the section D position vacates. I hope it’s more serendipity than coincidence that this position on the council has vacated. I hope my statements within suffice in expressing at least a fraction of my experience, ambition, and heart-felt views on the town I wish to serve.