Los Feliz Neighborhood Council

Governing Board

Open District B Seat Candidate Statements

A Boardmember has moved from District B, and we are looking for bright, energetic, self-starter to finish out the term. The council’s bylaws authorize the Governing Board to solicit and appoint a new District Representative to finish out the term which ends: June 2018.

Jared Irmas

 I am a lifelong Angeleno and a new resident of Los Feliz. I love the neighborhood’s walkability, its cultural and culinary offerings, and the backdrop of Griffith Park. I look forward to working with stakeholders on maintaining and furthering these unique qualities, which are not often found in other LA neighborhoods. While I may not know Los Feliz as well as its long-time residents, fresh eyes may help compliment some of the neighborhood’s long-term goals and concerns.

As a former staffer at City Hall under Mayor Villaraigosa, and now as an attorney, I offer a unique skill set, which includes navigating bureaucracy, legal analysis, and advocacy. My time in City Hall has given me a fair amount of institutional knowledge on how the city works, and my contacts throughout the city would allow to me to reach out and obtain further support for our projects and initiatives.

My short term goals are to meet stakeholders, listen to their concerns, and get acclimated to the Council’s rules and bylaws. My long term goals would be to grow the Public Works & Beautification Committee, establish close relationships with the Board of Public Works, Sanitation, and DWP, and work on improving Los Feliz with projects meant to last decades to come.

In the brief time I have lived in Los Feliz, I have already shown my dedication to this Council by enduring long hearings from the back of the room, staying till the end of the meeting and learning as much as I can before I decide to make this leap. The opportunity to serve on the Council has come early, and, given the chance, I look forward to contributing and serving.

Christopher Johns

My name is Christopher Johns. I am 23 years old, college graduate, and a millennial by definition. I believe that my age bracket may be under representing itself in traditional local governments. As a member of a generation that now outnumbers baby boomers by nearly 7.7 million people, our under representation will soon change. I want to be a part of that change. I am part of a new generations of Los Feliz that looks at the status quo of our neighborhood with objective and pragmatic eyes. With the onset of technology in our 21st century world, I’ve been raised in and acclimated to the age of technology my entire life. With that comes a vast skill set that makes myself an candidate with potential to appeal to both the newer generation and the older ones. Simply, I care about this neighborhood and the people in it.